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Feature Friday: Chris Lee

If you ever tried to juggle theater, martial arts, and tenth grade, then you would know it’s not an easy task. From back to back rehearsals to completing schoolwork, a sophomore at Howard High School has proven that it can be done!

Allow me to introduce you to Chris Lee! He is our October Friday Feature Actor most known for his booming performance in Avenue Q as Princeton (STA Senior Travel Group, Spring 2018) and most recently seen in In The Heights as Usnavy (STA Senior Travel Group, Spring 2019).

Chris is a dedicated member of the Schoolhouse Theater Arts Senior Travel Group. He was scouted by Mrs. Mimi Chiarella 5 years ago before the school play at ELMS. Chris has also performed in High School Musical, Once On This Island, Hairspray, Mulan and Mamma Mia.

Chris is a well-rounded individual who prides himself on being an athlete and actor. He worked at Schoolhouse Theater Arts this past summer as a counselor and most of his colleagues would describe him as friendly, funny, and hardworking. When he’s not rehearsing with Schoolhouse, you can find him getting involved in the theater department at Howard High School.

Q: What is your favorite production and why?

Chris Lee: My favorite show is definitely Avenue Q. Avenue Q was my first year with senior group and it was the first time I ever landed a lead role. I just loved working with the puppets and making the show come to life.

Q: What is your favorite STA Senior Group event (other than the performance at the end of the season)?

Chris Lee: My favorite event is when we go to New York City for a day to see a Broadway show and just hang out!

Q: What are your future plans with theater?

Chris Lee: I plan to continue doing theater in high school and with STA. I am pursuing the career of actor and hopefully I’ll get into college with a good musical theater and dramatic arts program.

Q: Do you want to give a shoutout to anyone?

Chris Lee: Hmm def shoutout to all the staff at STA for making me a better actor and the friends in STA Senior Group because they’re always there for me! And of course, my family for all of the support!

To read more about our actors, stay tuned and follow along on Facebook and Instagram!

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